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We are a group of fabric representatives that reside / work / travel in a five-state (Great Lakes area) of the United States. Our association has been producing regional fabric events and serving our customers for more than twenty years.


We represent most of the fabric companies in the sewing and quilting industry, debuting new fabric introductions to our customers, several times per year.


We agree to vend together, seasonally, for the convenience of our shared customers, to meet at centrally located locations, throughout the MI IN OH KY IL region of the United States.


Our customers are primarily independently-owned businesses - quilt shops, sewing stores, the Amish, and small manufacturers who use high-quality, 100% cotton fabrics in their products.


These regional fabric shows are 'wholesale only' events, and some companies may have a minimum order requirement to establish a new account for you and your business.


We require each business who attends our fabric events to present their State-Issued Tax Resale License and a business card to gain entry to each show.


There is no pre-registration to attend the show. There will be a greeter to sign in customers during the show.  Please contact us at the Contact button on the menu bar if you have questions about individual fabric companies represented at our shows.


Please contact us at the Contact button on the menu bar if you have questions regarding which colleague(s) represent which particular fabric lines.


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